Sunday Reflections: Looking through Other People's Windows

Every single person on the planet has a story. Don't judge people before you truly know them. The truth might surprise you. ~~ Unknown

I had a conversation this past week that has left me reflecting.  The conversation was centered around my staying home and the woman I was conversing with was looking for work. The ending sentence was, "Well, you are very blessed to be able to stay home and do those things, but a lot of women don't get that privilege." The spirit of that sentence left me with the impression that I was being judged.

You see, I am blessed. I know I am blessed and I know I live a blessed life.  Looking from the outside in I seem to have it all, a great life where I get to stay home and enjoy my freedom, a wonderful, loving! husband, great kids, beautiful home. Sounds great on paper doesn't it. But the truth is when we look from the outside in we miss the struggles, the inter-turmoils, the self-doubts, and the hardness we place on ourselves, especially mom's who are raising children. We see perfection and things are never perfect.

The truth for me is that being blessed by the world's standards is lacking when compared to the blessings that come from God. To me being blessed has very little to do with my geography and even my environment, it is an inward truth.  

You see, I try to walk in God's promises daily. I try to be obedient. I try to stay focused on His Words so that when decisions need to be made or actions need to be taken, I can try to remember the Godly way to act. But, the truth is I am a sinner. I can be irreverent. I judge. I stumble and fall daily. I know the way to act and I act improperly anyway.

Yet God still offers me grace and forgiveness and the promise of eternal life. I am blessed.

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