About Me

Hi!  I'm Judi.
  • * I Love Jesus* If we have a conversation He will come up, always!

  • Mom to three.  Older (step) Son (30), Taylor (19) and Josh (11).  Happily married to Greg for 13 years.  We also have two beautiful granddaughters --- Yes!  I know I am way to young to be a grandma....lol

  • We live at the beach, sorta on an island.  However, it is not tropical and it is not paradise so don't hate me.

  • I have deep, omg look at those dimples, dimples.  Everybody notices them.  I forget and then am embarrassed when someone points them out.  (giggles)

  • I am not a writer at all, AT ALL, and I just don't get commas so I hope you can forgive me...but, if not...move along... Kidding, Sorta.

  • I have always wanted to do a 100 things about me list, but seriously I don't know if I want to know myself that well.

This is my website. I hope you enjoy.

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