By Way of Introduction

“When I'm good I'm very, very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better.” ~~ May West

So, I'm blogging. Again. I haven't touched my little part of the web here is about three years. Then one day not long ago I thought, hum, maybe I should blog again and here I am.

I thought it would be fun by way of introduction to do my first little meme. That way you could get to know me a bit. I would love to have comments so if you come across here, will you stop and tell me something about yourself?

Four Jobs I Have Had:
* Bakery Sales
* 18 Wheeler Leasing Agent
* Office Manager
* Church Secretary

Four Places I Have Lived:
* Tampa
* Atlanta
* Dallas
* The Beach

Four Movies I Could Watch Again and Again:
* My Cousin Vinny
* Dear John
* Shawshank Redemption
* Anne of Green Gables

Four Television Shows I Like:
* Fairly Legal
* Scandal
* Heart of Dixie

Four Places I Have Traveled To:
* Jamaica
* Cozumel
* Costa Rica
* Cancun

How I Spend My Time Weekly:
* Wife and Mom
* Bible Study
* Volunteering at Hospital
* Working

Four Blogs I Visit Weekly:
* Sorta Crunchy
* Pioneer Woman
* Fluid Pudding
* Simply Sassy

Four of My Favorite Foods:
* Thai
* French Fries
* Fried Eggs w/ buttered toast
* A Good Cupcake

Four Places I'd Rather Be:
* Out in the yard gardening
* Crocheting
* Reading a good book
* In the Kitchen

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